An Untouched Source
Crystal Springs water is bottled directly at the source above an artesian acquifer deep within the earth.  This large chamber of water sits ontop of a confined aquifer.  The water that reaches these chambers is considerably cleaner than the water of reservoirs at the earth's surface. Bacteria is generally non existent in aquifers.  Pollutants, if any, are naturally filtered out as the water passes through layers of clay beneath the soil on its way up to the surface.
The natural pressure that the aquifer creates lifts the water to the surface where it is drawn directly into our state-of-the art bottling plant and goes through strict processing and quality control as guidelined by the State Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.
Our water comes in contact with the outside air for the first time when it is poured into the bottle. We bottle daily, so you can be assured of the freshness of each bottle!